Make sure you have a variety of incontinence products such as:
Briefs (or diapers, depending on preference), Underpads (for bed and chairs),
Incontinence wipes ,
Barrier creams and prenial wash,
Clean up supplies.

You can also try a portable commode to encourage toilet usage.
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disposable pads, AKA “chucks”. You can buy them in bulk, put them on every sitting surface, on top of blankets. They can be thrown away after soiled. Lots of plastic bags for changing, grocery bags work great. Wipes!!! Tons of wipes. Can’t stress this one enough. Also, cleaning supplies, have them locked up if your loved one has memory issues. I would also keep a ton of paper towels, hand sanitizer, and disposable gloves.
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Of course they need to use incontinence pads or (guards if a man) or a pull up style incontinence product, there are many sizes, absorbencies and brands available. Placing washable or disposable pads on chairs is a good idea also, and a waterproof mattress cover topped with a washable bed pad is a must. Keeping a toileting schedule is also helpful, you should encourage visits to the bathroom every two or three hours and after meals. Depending on your circumstances a bedside commode might help to avoid those accidents that happen when they just can't get to the toilet in time.
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