What are some social problems elders deal with nowadays?

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May I ask why you're specifically asking for this information? Is it for a course in college or community college?

If you give us some idea what your elders are dealing with, the problems you're having as a caregiver, and similar personal information, responses could be more succinct.

However, as your question is stated, it does seem as though it's a fishing question for a class project. Sorry if I'm wrong, and you really do need help, but if so, please provide more information.

What specific issues are your elders having in social situations?
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What kind of class is this for? What does the textbook chapter say? That is what would be considered a "right" answer.

If I were writing that text, some issues I would mention include
1) lack of affordable transportation and so difficulty in getting out to socialize
2) both hearing loss and vision decline can make it harder to socialize
3) if elder has moved to be closer to relatives, may find it hard to make new friends
4) loneliness
5) very limited income restricts available activities

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