My mom still loves to read. She does not understand what the words are saying, but she still can decode the words. I take her magazines to read, but would like to get her a couple of books. She'll read anything. She'll pick up books at her memory care and read them. One she picked up before this quarantine had funny stories about dogs and people, and it was also inspirational as well as religious.

Do any of you have any ideas for books to give? And, if your mom has dementia, what are some things you're getting for her for Mother's Day? I'm also getting her some pajamas, a new shirt, and flowers/card of course:)

Thank you all for any ideas!

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My Mom could read but not follow thru. One day her bookmark would be at the end, the next the beginning. When she tore out a page of one of my books to use as a bookmark, thats the last time I gave her one. She didn't even realize she had done it. It was a shame, she loved to read. She even read our Nancy Drew books.

I would keep it simple. Maybe Middle School level.
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Short stories. Biographies. Fairy tales. My mom had Jane Fonda's biography and loved it. So much so, she read the same first few pages over and over and over, even used a highlighter on what she particularly enjoyed. Mom never did finish the book or even the first chapter. But, she did enjoy reading it.
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I have found that state parks have some of the best books ever. From historical to ranger stories and all age groups. I have found the funnest books and best reads at ranger station gift shops.

Another good source is the little free libraries set up as book exchanges. Do a Google search, I have 2 in my neighborhood and I find every genre imaginable. They are great resources for books and you don't need to have any to exchange the 1st time. Lots of people donate to the libraries and they have an excess of books. You can keep the ones you really enjoy and exchange the ones that you will never read again.

My personal favorites are written more than a 100 years ago, doesn't matter who, just love the language in books from long ago.

Thrift stores are also a great resource for books.
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