We have a range of residents with mild to extreme Lewy Body dementia - I have been asked to come up with activities to suit the walkers, delusional and non communicative resident. One in particular you can not touch or go near as she doesn't like you in her space. This lady also has minimal attention span. She will not listen to music or sit with others, we have to walk with her while feeding her. She is not social with others. What can we offer this lady as a daily activity?

Would she like a pretty feather duster to walk around and “dust” with? you could put her room number and name on it if she left it somewhere. The person walking with her could have one as well to help dust and not appear to be in her space.
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I'm not experienced with LBD but for my very elderly Aunt with advanced dementia we have her fold kitchen towels and sort colored poker chips. She will often make patterns with the colored chips, which surprised us and she spends a fair amount of time doing that. If you have any info about the past jobs or hobbies of your residents, it can be applied activities, such as sorting things (like brightly colored socks, coloring, pairing nuts and bolts, assembling Duplo blocks in simple patterns that you create, etc). There are no "wrong" ways to do any of these things and it gives them a sense of productivity.
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