I am mom's Durable POA. She is 92 and has been deemed incompetent. She has dementia ..moving into alzheimers, I suspect. I am also her caregiver, we live together for this reason. My sister emailed all of us yesterday to inform us that she is moving mom in with her and it wasn't open for discussion. I contacted atty..he informed she cannot do that.
There have been times that my siblings will take her to different atty offices (trying to get her to change her trust) . Just yesterday my sister picked mom up and took her to see her "new home"..all this without my knowledge. She never informs me that she is picking mom up, she just shows up and takes her. I come home , mom's not there..I have to start making calls to find her. As her DPOA, can I stop this type of behavior from siblings? I'm under the impression that I can nut just not quite sure.

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Be sure you have proof, MD letters, stating she is incompetent or someone will try to make themselves DPOA. Your best bet is to see an attorney and petition for full Guardianship status. That court ordered Guardianship cannot be revoked with another DPOA.
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