Call Eldercare Locator at 1 800 677 1116. I have not used this hotline but it is designed to steer you to the appropriate agency in your area.
The advice under the governmental stuff online does advise if abuse is happening now, to call 911.
You can google the Adult Protective Services number in your area or use the search engine for "How to report elder abuse in..............." and add your state.
Hope that this helps.
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APS is local to's within the Dept of Health and Human Services for your county. Google "your county"+"adult protective services" (include the quote marks and plus mark, no spaces in between) and it will give you the link to APS for your county.
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Adult Protective Services is who you want to call.

Google it or call 911 and they will help you.
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DysfunctionNLaw Aug 27, 2020
I think you meant 411 or 211 (whatever the local information line is in your state). Unless someone is in immediate danger, do not call 911.
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