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Someone thinks you are neglecting your wife???
In what way???
Have you ever contacted the ALZ agencies or social services for help???
They can and will offer assistance.
Have you actually been served with legal documents???
You need to keep a diary and document everything. Backtrack as much as possible. Leave your emotions out of it. Just the facts, dates & actions taken.
Defend yourself and get an attorney if you can.
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I went thru that after Dad ran out of money staying in a 'ritzy' senior LA complex. Their beef was that he wasn't paying & my family wasn't stepping up causing him grief.
HA! All about money for the place.

The Adult Protective Service lady stopped by his former apt. they had a nice discussion about my brother's lavish vacations while brother still owed Dad 100K. He's an attorney. Imagine.

She wrote it off as unfounded & noted the complaint was more about the instution not getting their $3,500 a month for his 1 bedroom + one meal a day plan.

Enough of my family stuff.

Your situation is probably much different.
I was a crisis couselor for years in a metroplitan Police Dept. One of my jobs was to check the welfare if people who haven't heard from loved ones, employees, postal service reporting unopened mail boxes for days ...
I'd check, then if necessary go in with the help of the fire department & mind whatever the problem was.
If the person was alive & stable, they were left alone. If there was anindication of elder abuse we'd report it to the state Dept. of Social & Health.

They would then send a rep out, much like my father's deal, to assess the situation. It would often be a long process, weeks before an agent came knocking.

Do you know the orgin of the complaint & what it's regarding? Believe me it is VERY SCARY being reported & if I wasn't confident that Dad was healthy & cared for I would have freaked.
Plus I had worked in the system

Is your parent living with you? Do you have assistance?

Hopefully it will all pan out, so take a DEEP BREATH!
If you are alone caring for your parent maybe the agent will arrange for resources.
Please, let me know the situation? I am long past my social working days, but feel your fright & anxiety.
Might be able to help.

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