My father had been living with us in our home for several years and paying rent. I have no POA or legal guardianship of any kind. He has chronic illnesses, has been hospitalized 3 times in the past 2 months, and is now in an inpatient hospice facility after the last hospital discharge. He is now bedridden as he is too weak to walk at all. The hospice is ending his stay and pushing me to either take him home (which is not an option as I can't care for him in his condition) or force me to choose a group home, which I don't want to take responsbility for and can't pay for. What is my legal standing?

You won't pay for it. You will have to apply for medicaid if Dad is out of money. The State can take guardianship if you wish not to, then it is on them to do all the work of application, but it gives them also all the choice. You have no legal standing whatsoever if your Dad is not able to confer it upon you. Ask the Social Worker to help you decide, and make it clear you currently have no legal standing, Dad is unable (I assume to confer it) OR you do not wish to take it on, and Dad cannot return to your home. They can place him in in-facility hospice care.
You also have NO OBLIGATION to pay. Your father's assets if any stand for his costs and debts. Just be certain you do NOT sign anything.
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Let them place him in a facility. No one says you have to pay for it. He has to pay for it himself, if he can’t afford it then he/you should apply for Medicaid. Medicaid pays for long term care. Some group homes also take Medicaid.
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