Are there adult diapers that may be more comfortable that Depends?

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My mom staunchly resists wearing Depends, but when I had an important doctor's appointment today, she resigned herself to wearing a pair as she realized she could be stuck in her chair for awhile.

Upon my return, I helped her in pulling up her pants in the bathroom and she had underwear on UNDER her Depends. I told her that kind of defeated the purpose and she said she didn't care. She's says they're too scratchy and uncomfortable and the underwear makes them bearable. If she ever did actually do her business in her pants, she would just throw the underwear away. I guess that's her choice, however stubborn, but it seems like an expensive route to take.

Given her attitude, I doubt she'd be open to an alternative product, but I just thought I'd ask if anyone knows of, or cares for someone that uses a different brand?

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A very smart lady told me that the tena undergarments are far more comfortable and less scratchy.
Oops! Made a newbie mistake. Clicked on report this post when I thought it read respond to this post! Huge apologies!

Many thanks for the Tena response. I will certainly be getting some. And sorry again. Getting my sealegs here.
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I seen online when I was looking around for my mom. Companies actually make adult plastic underpants that will go over her underwear. Like similar to babies that wear cloth diapers with those plastic overpants I have seen them lined and in different styles and colors. What I seen was pretty cheap and reuseable. So if she would go in her underpants the plastic overpants will keep the wetness from coming through her clothes. Hope that idea helps. Cause I know depends generic or name brand arent cheap!!
Interesting question - given that I am in the process of changing my FiL from disposable belted shields to Cloth belted shields. Cost, skin care and comfort are all factors in this decision. I am making them for him as I can't find the belted shields on the web. I can find the full briefs that snap on, though; and I use those for night time. I am thinking about making the belted shields as a part of my business. But I am happy to give help/hints on this site.

Oh, the belted shields have an outer waterproof shell with a very soft microfleece layer next to the skin and a soaker pad of hemp or terry. They wash very well and his skin is doing better.

Try looking up adult cloth diapers and nylon panties coated with PUL on the internet. Plastic pants are made of vinyl which can be irritating to the skin and non-breathable. I wish I had used cloth with my mom, but I did not have access to the internet (I am not for sure what the local medical supply stores might have to offer.) I know she used cloth with her parents - there were no other choices in 1949 and 1965. A few years after her death while I was pregnant I put a mattress protector on my bed which had a cloth cover but had a vinyl liner. The first night I was very uncomfortable and was so sweaty, hot, and itchy that I took the thing off and did not put it back on. I felt so sorry for my mom all of those months she was in disposable diapers, which also contributed to skin breakdown even though they were changed frequently. I had already made the decision to cloth diaper my little one, but this personal experience with vinyl sealed my decision. I used nylon diaper covers on my little one - there are a lot of new styles of cloth diapers that stay-at-home moms have designed - not the same as the ones my mom used when I was a baby. If you need some laundering tips go to or any of the cloth diapering web sites. Laundering has changed as well... no more wet pails.

Another reason that your mom might not like wearing a diaper is because she has not worn one since she was a little one. It is part of losing her independence and it is difficult to face the indignity of wearing a diaper.
I don't have an answer, but I have the same problem. My mother keeps taking hers off, saying they are scratchy and uncomfortable. She sometimes has bowel incontinence and this is very messy, to say the least. I wish there was a more comfortable product out there.
do they sell belted undergarments with a plastic outer shell or backing?
Has anyone actually tried disposal diapers on on to see if they really are that uncomfortable?

I had no idea that disposal diapers were unkind to the skin. I thought they kept the skin dryer than if they didn't wear one.
I'll look these up today. nylon panties coated with PUL on the internet.. Will also check out Tena. Cause Hubby has problem of the pants being too sweaty. I've just been buying the drugstore brand because of the price.
WONDER - if changing the drugstore brand every 12 hours instead of every 24 hours would help, also??? Any thoughts, pls? As last night at 1.30 am he was up thinking he p_ed in his pants and all it was was sweat. Tnx.
nylon panties coated with PUL - not what I'm looking for.
Tena, I'll try as they have some freebies on their website.

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