I spent a month there in 2015, and found it excellent.In 2008 I spent a month at Brandon Woods and thought it great, but the social worker said it had gone through two changes of ownership and had some big problems, including abuse of patients, so she could no longer recommend it. However, a friend of mine from Pioneer Ridge said she found Brandon Woods much better, so maybe there was a shakeup. I don't recommend Presbyterian Manor, because it doesn't allow power wheelchairs, the kind I have to use. As soon as my mother-in-law died, my father-in-law said "get me out of here!" they had moved there because, she said, that's where retirees go--it never gets cold. He didn't mind the cold, but hated the political climate and wanted be near us, not near his other daughter and son-in-law. She has Alzheimer's and he is a nasty, paranoid alcoholic, a former airline pilot who sometimes, his wife said, did drink the night before a flight. Thank heaven he was never in an Incident--maybe the copilot, seeing his state, said "I'm in control, Captain," and disabled the captain's controls (assuming that's possible).

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By "here" and "there" I meant "Florida." My sister-in-law and her nasty husband live there because he's from Andhra Pradesh in southern India and can't stand the cold. She doesn't know where she is. She says things like "I have to take care of Daddy." Her father died in 1989 and would be 110 now.
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