Went to sleep two weeks ago and woke up complete personality change short-term memory is gone I struggle with doing any kind of tasks and completing it and that's only if I can remember to do the task not safe to drive anymore having hard time keeping up with financial responsibilities and I talk very fast and constantly the speed of my speech has slowed because I slur my words and I cannot get my words out talking fast so I kind of talk like a robot I am aware of how I sound and look to others and I'm profoundly embarrassed my cat scan was clear did some memory test we'll get the results next week nothing has improved in the last two weeks I abused My Friends by talking constantly and for way too long I always apologize and they do know this incident has happened to me has anyone experienced this with their loved one

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Yes I have already taken it to my primary care and my psychiatrist my cat scan was clear and negative for stroke like I said I'm waiting on some other test from another doctor next week hopefully we have an answer my daughter suggested that maybe I stop breathing in the night because of my sleep apnea and I could have gotten some brain damage I certainly hope that isn't it
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Stroke was the first thing that popped in my head as well. Stroke is not only a huge life threatening event that many people think of. You can have mini strokes that go unnoticed.
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It sounds like you may have had a stroke. Remember, even if we were medical professionals on this site we cannot nor should we even try to diagnose what is wrong. There could be many reasons why this has happened. We shouldn’t guess even if we’ve had the same experience.

You absolutely need to see your doctor ASAP. You need a face to face examination and testing to diagnose what has happened.
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Shell38314 Mar 29, 2019
I would agree. Need to take this person to see a Dr and/ER!

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