Does anybody use a daily wellness call service? If so which one? Trying to find one that is dependable for elderly friend that lives alone.

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My parents had an arrangement with the widowed neighbor across the street. If the daily morning paper wasn't picked up by 9, my dad would call the neighbor. If he didn't answer the phone my dad was to let himself into the house with a key and check out the situation. And that's how it played out one day. The neighbor had passed away in his sleep. My dad called the neighbor's daughter and then things proceeded from there. The arrangement worked as they had planned.
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NeedHelpWithMom Jun 2, 2021
Your dad was a good neighbor! Nowadays, people don’t even know their neighbors.
Humana would call mom periodically to check on her. I suppose that you could ask any of them to do this. I know when mom fell, the device detected falls. They offered to call any relatives names that I wanted to be called so I could care for mom without any distractions.

I had my brothers names on my list. They would get the call and I’d they wanted to go to the hospital after her fall, they could join us and I didn’t have to be on the phone.
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I know that Phillips's Lifeline offered that decades ago when my mom used their pendant services. Most people I know made some kind of informal arrangement - my mom and her SIL checked in daily, one of her friends had a neighbour that watched for her to open the curtains every morning, that kind of thing.....
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