I have to go away the week of 6/21 to 6/29..I need some place to keep my 60 yrs brother during that week. He is able to take care of himself, he has Parkinson and Seizure (at time). Can anyone help me out message me - Betty

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thank you all so very much for your helpful information..God Bless
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Contact the regional office of the Parkinson's Foundation and see if they have any suggestions for you. Also try the Area Agency on Aging.

Is the situation that he can care for himself but that he shouldn't be alone because of the seizure's?

I wonder if something like a transitional care unit (TCU) would be appropriate, if ordered by his doctor?
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Betty, you would need to contact a caregiving Agency who would send out 3 shifts of caregivers to your brother's home, but note the cost could be around $20-$30/hour which would be quite expensive.

You can also check with your local Assisted Living facilities [not a nursing home] to see if they have what is called Respite care, where you bring your love one to the Assisted Living to spend the week.

I don't know if a caregiving agency or an Assisted Living would have something at this late date, but you can try.

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