I am having trouble locating door hinges that allow door when open to go back to wall & save the width of the door space into the bedroom to allow a wheelchair to enter.

I Googled door space saver hinges but nothing came up. Any suggestions appreciated. Thank you

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You could consider a pocket door instead to save space.
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Try "flag hinge."


Expandable Door Hinge
Offset Door Hinge
Swing Clear Hinges

I am now beginning to go boss-eyed - who knew there were that many kinds of hinges? - but hope this helps.

Alternatively, if you search "wheelchair access adaptations" you'll find all kinds of articles on how to make it happen.

Not to be facetious, but is the chair user going to be in the mobile home permanently or just for a short time? If it's only for a short time, perhaps the answer might be to get a narrower chair of the kind that you can fold up and stow away in a car.
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