It is a rural area, but I’m so concerned because she needs help at home and it took 6 months to get her qualified for Medicaid. Should I call places myself? They call it a blanket request and no one will take the job? I don’t get it.

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We are in Ohio (Akron) as well and IMHO, the programs we have here are worthless. We researched Direction Home last year. The caseworker came out to talk with us for over an hour. Gave her most of our personal financial information. Weeks passed and then months. Now it’s 2 years later and we’ve given up. These programs require Medicaid approval which in our case means Medicaid Waiver. It would have been a financial mess for us and totally not doable. My husband and I agree that we would have been better off just going it on our own.
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If you are able to go through an agency, then it wouldn’t hurt to call around and see if you can someone. The problem with being rural is, Medicaid doesn’t pay for gas or driving time and with the exception of NYC, these Medicaid programs typically pay minimum wage so......caregivers may not be willing to take the job if they have commute & use their own vehicle. because again....Medicaid doesn’t pay for their travel time or gas. But if Medicaid will pay an agency, then some agencies provide vehicles so that is why you should definitely call the local agencies. Good luck!
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