We have had two items missing; cash of $140 and a diamond and gold anniversary ring. What should we do?

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More info please. Do you have a senior loved one? with dementia?
Do you hire caregivers?
Have other family members been in the house lately?
Any way the senior in the home could have misplaced these items?
Here one of the couple the man hides everything and forgets where he puts it. Money they know is very valuable and they hide it very good in places you wouldn't think to look. But I must admit haveing two times when the money was not found. We find some iteams in church clothing,kitchen closent,wash room closent bedroom drawers we sowed tile finders on one iteams and found it out side.tiles work good but are expensive.
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Does your mother have dementia? Hiding things and then not remembering even hiding them, let alone where they are, is common in dementia. The missing items are most likely in the house and will show up eventually.
My dad liked to carry the money at the casino. Once when they got home, he could not find $4000. YEp, mom left him carry that much! We tore the cars apart, the house, the clothes. It showed up a month later,, behind the phone. Who knows.. we were just glad we found it. Mom is missing a CC and her SS card as we speak... its a mystery! LOL THey do "put stuff away" never to be seen again!( BTW, the CC and SS are somewhere here,, just no idea where!)
My father who has dementia gave away so much of my mother's jewellery when she died - to random people, to extended family, to my sister in law etc. Very poor judgement and he now insists he doesn't know where it is. Sometimes he even says "you have all of your mother's jewellery". The jewellery and money could be anywhere. My father often jumps to "they stole it".. when infact, he gave it away. I suspect he gave it all away to feel good about himself. She wanted to give the jewellery to me (as only daughter). Oh well! Dementia!

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