Need manager and care givers for an assisted living home.

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Auntie, I am confused, are you setting up an Assisted Living home where you will have residents living with you? One thing, you will need to be licensed, bonded and insured. And need to follow the laws of your State/County/City regarding such homes. Are you in an area that zoning will allow an Assisted Living home on your street?

As for finding Staff, you would need to advertise for help, vet the person, etc. You will need to have workman's comp insurance for any employees you hire. Maybe even an umbrella policy to cover the Staff and the residents should they get hurt, etc. Maybe set up a paychex service to pay the Staff.

All of this should have been on your Business Plan when you presented it to the local government for approval. Or are you just starting out to see if you can start an Assisted Living home?
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Is this a "home" in a residence, or an actual facility dedicated to AL, complete with all the necessities such as a professional kitchen? I get the impression you're asking about staffing and running a much smaller facility.

I assume you've managed an AL before?

I'm wondering though, if this is a residential home turned into an AL facility, did you get a zoning variance, or do you live in an area zoned commercial?

I think finding a manger and caregivers is like finding other medical professionals: advertising, interviewing, eliminating first cuts and interviewing again. Or you can try to find a medical service that has staff and provides them on a contract basis.

Have you also addressed liability insurance? Gotten the appropriate licenses? Gotten our EIN number? I get the impression there's a substantial financial investment already, but not quite all the pieces are in place yet.
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