We have heard that Medicaid takes a person's home for Medicaid recovery. We have our names on the title when we refinanced her home. We are getting to a point where we are going to have to look at a memory care unit and it is SO expensive. We can sell her house to pay for her care but then we are out with no place to live and no compensation for 7 years of caring for her and FIL who has since passed. FIL did not plan for funerals or for the expense of her care, just this house. The market is good now for selling. Should we sell it, move into something less expensive, or find a facility to care for her? I feel stuck. And I don't want to lose out on getting SOMETHING for our 7 years of caregiving. Am I expecting too much?

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Getting something retrospectively is probably not possible. This type of question has come up before. Contracts for care giving needed to be made up when the care giving starts.

When you say your names on on the title, does that mean hers is too?

I would consult an elder attorney regarding Medicaid and your interest in the house. Your mil may well eventually need to be placed in a facility and you may well need to sell the house and move into something less expensive. My understanding is that Medicaid will expect her to pay from whatever assets she has before they kick in. Good luck!
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