We gave up so much to move in with her (2 years ago) now she wants us out. This is now our home. Can she do this?

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If your mom can get herself a lawyer, can drive to an appointment by herself then she may be competent. Somehow I doubt this, so it would be difficult to serve you eviction papers. You already have mailings and bills to you to prove you live there. I would notify the local police that she is impaired just in case she ever has the wits to call them.
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The sacrifices we make to care for our loved ones are so great; we give up jobs, homes, move to another state, the list goes on and on. Whose idea was it to move in with Mom? It’s true that Alzheimer’s takes our loved ones away from us. It’s also true that when we are suffering along with our loved ones, we need help. Your mom should be in very frequent contact with her physician. Urinary tract infections can change their entire personalities and can be chronic. They are common in the elderly.

If Mom is still able to make her own decisions, even though you’ve made great sacrifices to move into her home, bottom line is that it’s still her home and she gets to say who lives there and who doesn’t.
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Elaine, I see from your profile that your Mom has Alzheimer's/Dementia. Depending on how far along she is in this memory confusing as to whether she can kick you out.

If your Mom is still able to take care of herself, make decisions for herself, manage her home and finances, than yes she can have you leave. Her home, her rules.

If her memory is confused, she may now be paranoid thinking you are stealing from her and other common issues related to memory loss. If this is the case, then have her see her primary doctor to see what meds he/she can give your Mom to help her feel better about the situation.
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