My mom has long term healthcare insurance that may not pay for her assisted living...She needs to self pay for two year and may just make is barely. If her long term health care denies her claim, do you know of any other way to get funds to pay for her?

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I was surprised when I sat down and actually crunched the numbers to see if my mother could afford AL. With her social security, small pension checks, and yearly IRA money, it was only going to cost about $500 from her savings each month. When you think about what all you get with this money, it would have been well worth the extra money. She would have her meals cooked and transportation. She would have people around her to talk to. And she wouldn't have needed a family caregiver. It would have been a good deal... but she wouldn't go.

Anyway... you might find that paying for AL is doable. The number sounds big when you first hear it, but when you do the calculations you may find there is enough money.
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Get a lawyer to read the policy for you.
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She needs to pay for twobyears...and then what?

In her state, does Medicaid pay for AL?

Where are you getting this information from?
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