I'm my Mother's only child, POA and patient advocate, yet I know it is in her best interest to move either in with me or at least very close to me.

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Without guardianship I don't think you can force your mother to move, even in her own best interests. And you cannot get guardianship (as I understand it) unless a court finds her incompetent.

How old is Mom? What are her impairments at this time?

It is generally true that persons with dementia cannot live alone beyond the very earliest stages. One way to deal with that is to have in-home care. Another is to move into a care center at the appropriate level, another is to move in with a relative.

Moving her close to you (assuming you could talk her into it, or had the power to force her) does not really solve the issue of living alone. And while it may work out for a while, you would have another move ahead of you as her dementia progresses. Moving her into a care center close to you would make more sense, in my opinion. Perhaps assisted living now, at a facility that has higher levels of care available.
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At what stage is her Alz? I take it she doesn't want to move. How far away from you does she live, and is it in her own home? What assistance does she have now?
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