It looks as though she qualifies mostly. We need to be accepted on a Medicaid waiver and are really limited because there only only a couple of beds available at places. I am going to get her doctors referral! Any other suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you

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Ordinarily hospice comes in when there is a diagnosed illness in which the person is expected not to live for more than 6 months. A physician needs to vouch for this being his belief overall. It CAN certainly come to the fore in end stage dementia, as people do stop reacting, stop eating. If you do not wish to go through the pointless and often torturous methods of tube feeding, pressure sores, etc. hospice may be ordered. It then becomes palliative care, medications given to provide comfort and quality, not quantity of life. If you are requesting that her doctor now order hospice for her I would explain to him that you know her wishes to be this for her end, that you discussed it when the time came that there was no quality of life and only suffering ahead, that you are desperate that she not suffer any more. He may give you what they gave me with my own mother which is "I cannot guarantee you that she will go in 6 months" to which I replied "I CAN guarantee you she will, and if she does not I have to assume they won't kill her". He ordered it and she died two days later. Doctors still unfortunately order the comfort of in facility hospice too late for the patient to receive the comfort and benefit. I hope you will update us on how it goes.
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