My Grandma is doing nothing but complaining about being cold. I already have it 87 (X_X) in my house, she is in sweat pants and a sweat shirt with fuzzy socks on, and has a sheet, quilt, and 3 more blankets on top of her. Yet somehow she's still cold. Is there anything I can do, to warm her up?

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Many elderly people get cold, that is what they do. I remember my parents house being like a rain forest, and Mom all bundled up like she was going on an Arctic exposition..... and Dad dressed for a day at the beach as he was too hot with the up temps Mom wanted.

Different things I learned... make sure there is a shirt/top tucked into the Elder's waistband, that really helps. The thin silky thermo undergarments are also helpful. Along with the fuzzy socks, have knee socks on, or a thermo silk pant under the slacks that is tucked into the fuzzy socks.

If an elder is buried under piles of blankets, when they get up then the rest of the house will quickly feel cold them them. It's like when a fireplace is lit, that room is nice and toasty, but get up to go to the bathroom, brrrrr.

Olden days, for bedtime some wore bed hats to keep warm. For bed, if I am cold, I find a pair of white cotton socks will help.
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