Dad was discharged from the nh on 6/3/2013 to me. He has no health problems other than a stroke he had 4 yrs ago & Parkinsons. I had him discharged because my sister has cancer & dad needs to be able to travel to see her. Today he had a major meltdown and it ended up with police & rescue coming & transporting him to the ER. He had no injuries just was very combative.He seems to target all his anger towards me. He is always accusing me of stealing his money because my name is on his account. My friend pointed out when I leave to go off with my husband he throws a fit like a child would. he will not leave the house so I am unable to go get groceries, etc. My question is can he be allowed to go back into the nh if I want him to come home with me? I don't have POA for nh admissions but do have POA for finances and medical treatments etc if he can't make the decisions himself. He was abused in his last nh but now he wants to go back there again.

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