I've been taking care of my Mom for 7 year and I'm so lonely. I can leave her for a few hours and even overnight. I want to start dating again, I miss having a Man in my life.
Here's the do I mention on my profile that I'm caring for my 85 year old Mother?
If I did meet someone they would have to accept my Mom living with us, we're a package deal.
My Mom is so sweet and loving. She's a skin cancer survivor and has never been able to get her strength back since all the reconstruction surgeries. She also fell and fractured her hip in 2015 so her hip hurts if she's on her feet to long. She has a bad knee and a dislocated ankle, they can't do anything for her knee or ankle due to her age. She does everything she can for herself. She even cooks dinner a few times a week and keeps the kitchen clean except I do the floor.
Thanks for your help!

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You could try Classmates . com and search out your high school. Usually people from your class will post what they are doing now, and you might find some fellows who are widowed or divorced. One thing with people from high school, there is that bond of the school and the community which gives you both something in common.... so it wouldn't be like dating a total stranger :)

That way you wouldn't need to type out your likes or dislikes, just send an email [the emails on Classmate are private] and take it from there.
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Probably you won't find anyone to marry, but you might find someone with whom you share common interests. I actually got on a senior dating site just for kicks after my husband died of a stroke, following several years of vascular dementia...and I was 76 at the time. I just said I was a widow, liked classical music and foreign films and travel, wine tastings, eating out. Mainly I was looking for companionship since we had moved 15 months earlier to be near our sons, and I didn't really know many people at the new location. I also stated my liberal politics and lack of organized religion, because I live in the south and it's hard to find guys like that here. I read a lot of profiles of men responding to my post, and after a few months I saw one I thought I might like, so I sent him a response. We met for a drink and have been "together" ever since...3 years. The downside, I suppose, is that he has no income except for social security and I am fairly well off. We split expenses according to our incomes, which seems more than fair since I have a lot of savings and he does not (says it all went to educate his kids and pay alimony). I am truly not interested in marriage or even living with anyone, as I have found the single life rather pleasant after years of living with someone with dementia, as long as one has friends. I have now met a whole new social group through my "boyfriend", who will still be there if he should die before I do, which seems likely as he is 2 years older and has heart problems. I think if you want companionship rather than marriage, and don't mind sharing expenses, you may find it on a dating site. I think the one I used was called "My Time"
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Thank you Hugger1
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Bless you for caring for your Mom and it sounds like she is a wonderful lady who appreciates everything you do. Best of luck and enjoy your social life while you can. It is so important to have time for YOU.
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