Won’t keep Any GPS on. Unpredictable causes

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Does he carry a phone? If so some phones you can track. But that only works if the phone is charged and he does not lose it while on his walkabout.
There are tags you can put on his shoes.
If he wears a shoe with a heel the heel could be lifted and a tag put in the heel.

All that said....
If you can not keep him safe, if there is ANY potential that he would wander off and get lost, hurt. If this is causing you stress you have to consider placing him in a facility that has the means to keep him safe.

But PLEASE notify the police in your area that you have a loved one that has dementia that wanders. Give them a photo and a good description. Each day make a mental note of what he is wearing.
Some police departments have a form on line you can fill out.
Do NOT wait 24 hours to report him missing. Call as SOON as you realize he has wandered off. The sooner you call the faster they can get officers looking.,
Make sure that any car keys are locked up so there is no chance he would drive off
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If this wandering is stressing you out and putting your spouse in danger (or endangering others) then please consider that the solution is a good, reputable and secure care facility. Wouldn't it be nice to have that peace of mind?
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When they start wandering it is time to place them in memory care for their safety and your peace of mind.
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Typically when a loved one starts to wander, it is time to have them placed in a locked memory care unit for their own safety.
You would not want them wandering outside in the heat of the summer and die of heat stroke or freeze to death in the winter.
Sadly it's time for placement.
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I’ve related here before that my aunt with Alzheimer’s was a wanderer. Her family secured the home with “fully secure” “foolproof” locks on all windows and doors to keep her safe. Despite the extreme, best efforts and a mind that couldn’t think rationally, she still managed to get out during the night. She wandered her neighborhood, one night she took her jewelry box and deposited all of her valuables all over the neighborhood. This occurred several times with local police finding her at least once. The family had to decide the only option for her safety and their peace of mind was for her to move to memory care. She was totally content there. Dementia causes many unpredictable behaviors, wandering is a scary one, and a home environment becomes nearly impossible to keep safe. And that’s not even considering the exhaustion to the caregivers trying to provide such vigilance
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There are locking hinges you can put on your doors so he can’t leave
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