Need a recommendation for a medical alert system for an Alzheimer's husband.

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What type of wandering deterrents have you tried? Those suffering with Alzheimer's, other forms of dementia and memory loss have a tendency to wander whether they are at home or in unfamiliar surroundings. They are trying to make sense of the world they find themselves in at that moment. 

A couple of articles about wandering: ;(Please note that I do not think the suggestion of locks on the outside doors is appropriate.)

Visual deterrents such as STOP SIGNS that hang ACROSS DOORWAYS and Black or DARK MATS on the floor that are interpreted as "BLACK HOLES" are a couple of ways to minimize wandering of people with Alzheimer's and Dementia.

Here are some websites (Copy & Paste URL to your browser.) of Stop Signs made especially as visual deterrent for wandering. Many of the signs are attached with Velcro-like fasteners so that you can take them off anytime you want to.  The sign will need to be removed prior to your loved one going out the door.

“Locator Services for Wandering Alzheimer's and Dementia Patients” Several companies offer (for a small monthly or annual fee) “medical alert systems” for dementia patients with or without GPS. 
The website--
offers a list of 10 Lifesaving Location Devices for Dementia Patients. “MedicAlert® + Alzheimer’s Association Safe Return®” offers “24/7 Wandering and Emergency Response Services for Individuals with Dementia” offers: A personalized medical ID with the MedicAlert + Safe Return 24/7 toll-free number; 24/7 emergency response and family notification service (with ability to contact the people you designate to step in and help until you are able to care for your loved one again); Personal Emergency Health Record; Six Steps to a Safe Return magnet; Advance Directive Storage.

 Talk to your local sheriff and police regarding which company they prefer and maybe set up a locator system for your husband with that company. 

[FYI: One problem is that some people with dementia or Alzheimer's refuse to wear the locator device and you have to hide the device in their clothing or on their shoes.]

Good Luck with finding an option that works for your family.  {{{HUGS}}}
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