My niece lives in Ohio and has cancer/ macular degeneration/ glaucoma/ cataracts.

I have suggested division of aging/ council for the blind/ cancer society for a volunteer to help drive to doc appts when her sight deteriorates further.

She is afraid if she gets outside help that she will be forced to leave her home and placed in a facility.

I can't see why this would happen to someone blind but then I don't know about governmental agencies.

She is 72 and has 9 cats not that that matters except she is afraid also it would cause someone to not help her.

She doesn't have any friends or family there to help.

Any suggestions I can use to help her ?

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Where do these people get these ideas? I doubt if Medicaid wants to pay for someones care if the person is capable of taking care of themselves.

No, she won't be put in a NH. She needs to take advantage of what is available so she can stay as independent as possible. My SILs Gmom was blind and lived in a 2 story home. Kept her own house.

Its the nine cats I would question. In my Township you are not allowed more than 5 animals. Are the cats being cared for, fed, litter boxes kept clean, water available. Messes cleaned up?
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The Helen Keller Institute helps the blind live independently teaching the blind how to cook, clean, etc. they also have many resources contact them.
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To start with if she is just starting with ride services they usually pick you up outside, they don't come into your home unless you set it up that way for some reason but more importantly she shouldn't be afraid to tap into any and all services she can get. It's not in the states best interest to put her in a facility either, it's cheaper for them to keep her at home as long as she is safe. If she get's to the point where she isn't safe alone anymore or able to care for herself and her cats and you, her family isn't on top of that then she probably should be somewhere that she isn't alone but it sounds like that is well down the line and having a team of assistance in place that gets to know her now will only help keep her home longer. I can really understand her fear given the stories of over zealous case workers and while horrible things do happen I don't think it's as likely as she fears especially now that she is on her toes about what she says to who. She has family, you, watching out for her too even if you aren't in the same area and I would guess she has friends a life established in her area since she chooses to stay there and all of those things help back up her abilities to care for herself even if she needs help. I imagine she has medical professionals following her? Their opinion about her ability to care for herself again if it that means with some part time assistance, has a lot of weight too. But maybe just encouraging her to make the steps to line up rides is a good place to start, they don't even have to come into the house and her ability to utilize resources available to her probably demonstrates her abilities rather than inabilities to care for herself.
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Thanks to you all.

I just cant see her having to leave her house either but as mentioned overzealousness ...

she has told me she still takes cat boxes outside to wash out regularly and can still drive to grocery and docs. So far problems are just starting.

Im trying to think of solutions to help with her concerns since family and friends there can help but arent particularly enthusiastic.

Same old story like so many people. But at least shes willing to look ahead.
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