Easter is March 31. I would like to visit my mother in the NH. Sister who has POA doesn't want me to visit her. She says its her turn to have Mom. Mind you, sister has had been with her every holiday for years and I have had to find other arrangements. I don't want a confrontation in the NH. I don't even want to see my sister, she is so foul mouthed and snotty as are her kids who will be with her. She is definitely going to see mother on Easter Sunday. I know it will be a stressful time for me and I am not well. It takes me days to recover from the stress of encounters with sister. Should I go see my mother anyway? How should I handle it? Mom gets stressed out too from the drama sister presents and I don't want her to have another stroke. Your advice please.

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Celebrate Easter on a different weekend when you will not see the sister, when mom will not be stressed, when it will not stress you.
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brandywine, I am with jg on this one. If you want to participate in sister wars you can always celebrate your Easter holiday visit the week before sister's. Palm Sunday is right there a week earlier. Also the UK version of Mother's Day is "Mothering Sunday" and it's on March 10 this year. If it has to be a Sunday, March 17 is St Patrick's Day and its also "Incredible Kid" day. You, her incredible kid and your incredible kids could do an incredible thing and give Mom a second special day this month- as jg suggested.

Much better for Mom to have two special days. My dad worked shift work and holidays as did my husband. My children grew up like me, not being tied to THE day, but being tied to the specialness of the occasion. Any day can be special, you just have to make it special:)
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I firmly believe in stretching holidays out and spreading them around. Do not present yourself and your mother with more stress. Visit her another day and turn it into a holiday. How about the first day of spring, for example? Good Friday? Palm Sunday? National Pickle Week. The NordicWare Bundt pan will be 60 years old on Nov 15, and I've got that on my calendar. (Guess what we'll have for dessert?)

You don't need to limit your celebrations to days the banks close. Get dressed up, bring a treat or a present or go out for a special meal and celebrate any day you choose.

I love to celebrate Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, May Day, and CInco de Mayo.

You and your mother deserve to celebrate some special days together. Just don't make them the same days your sister is with her.
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