I am afraid to have anyone help. This means 24/7 Alzheimer husband care. He is in moderate stage with temper problems, complete personal care, cooking meals,etc. and staying home. At age 88 with health problems, caregiving is becoming a never-ending job!
We qualified for sliding scale help, but that is on hold. I am running out of ideas,

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Man, that's tough. I do feel for you. I think that most people do not understand what it means to provide around the clock care for someone who has dementia, incontinence, agitation, and resistance to care. It's very stressful. It's also not feasible for the long term. I know that placement is risky, but, for some people, I think it's something they do consider. I didn't even provide hands on caregiving very long, but, it still took a toll on my physical health. It took me a year to recover. Whatever you decide, I'd try to get help in the home. Take care of yourself too.
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Bumming up your questions so others can see and reply.

nautilass - I am in similar boat. My mother has Alz. and it's not easy keeping her occupied and content. All day long, she wants to go out, and be on the move. With the stay at home order in place and mask wearing, it's making very hard to take her out walking and getting exercise.

I can't do it alone. So, I still ask one of mom's sitters to come and take her out, or else, I will go crazy from the stress. I understand your concern about having outside help because you both are in the high risk category. My mom is too, she's 83 but so far she's fine. Knocking on wood....
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