Are there VA programs that could help with caregiving?


I am a 60 year old man caring for my Dad, who is a Korea war veteran. He is now in rehab from a fall that broke his leg. Although I do not live with him, I have been making sure that is being looked after in rehab, and taking care of his needs such as paying bills and taking care of his home while he is in rehab. I have been out of work and am the only sibling that can look after him and his affairs. Are there any VA programs that could help with this.

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My daughter has an elderly friend in South Caroline who's brother is quite ill and the VA sent him home from the hospital to live with her, because they said there was no other place for him to go. She's had a pacemaker put in, has bad arthritis and shoulder pains, and can barely take care of herself. She's becoming very depressed and exhausted having him in the house and having to wait on him hand and foot. Is there some way the VA could actually help with her brother, rather than add to her current difficult personal situation?
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Bobby, another way to get information on help for veterans is to research to determine if your state or local county has a veterans affairs office that helps veterans file claims for benefits. The people who staff these offices can be very knowledgeable and help you locate programs that might help.

Or contact on of the military service organizations such as American Legion or VFW and ask for the phone number of the local chapter that helps veterans obtain benefits.

The service organizations provide this service for free. Under no circumstances should you agree to pay anyone to do this; it's actually illegal.

I would also contact the Admins and ask if you can edit out your real name, phone number and e-mail address. Combined with your location in your profile, someone could contact you for any purpose, including scamming or pretending to help you get benefits for your father.

It's not wise to post such personal information on Internet forums.
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Bobby, go to the blue bar near the top of the page... click on MONEY & LEGAL... now click on VETERANS ASSISTANCE.... now scroll down through the articles. Hopefully there will be information that will be helpful for you and Dad.
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