Has anyone used the VA Home Based Primary Care program?

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Through the HBPC program, medical staff will make house calls for some geriatric veterans. The VA offers this service to qualifying vets who are living at home and have difficulty getting to VA medical facilities for routine care. According to the website, a veteran who is enrolled in VA health benefits could qualify if he or she is frail, has a medical condition that makes leaving the house difficult, or if their caregiver does not drive. A team of physicians, physician assistants, nurses and/or social workers will make house calls, manage care, and can even collect lab samples in the home. The veteran must live within a certain radius of the nearest VA facility.

My apologies for posting if this program's existence is common knowledge. We have been telling VA staff (medical personnel and social workers) for years that it is really difficult for our nonagenarian vet to get out of the house to his appointments, and no one has ever mentioned it to us. It was a fluke that I found it last night after looking for other info on the VA website.

I hope this is of use to someone else. You can find it on the VA Geriatrics and Extended Care page under "Home and Community Based Services."

Has anyone used VA Home Based Primary Care? Has the service been beneficial to you and your loved one?

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Hmmm... I posted an answer and apparently it disappeared. Well, here goes again...

I think that I read something about this the last time we were at the VA. I believe I picked up a flyer but when I got home I probably filed it with a pile of VA filing that I need to wade through. That includes information on VA dental services.

I did check the website, added it in bold to my database and will read it over - it seems like a valuable program, and we eventually might need it.

Thanks for your thoughtfulness in sharing this with others.
Thanks Garden Artist!
Lindylu, thank you for sharing this info. There are programs out there that people could benefit from but so many are almost impossible to find. This info will help many.
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This program is very helpful. My Dad is 83, has dementia, and is immobile. We have had the doctor, nurse, nurse practioner, dietitian, aides, OT, PT, and social worker all come to our home and they are all wonderful! The VA will also provide equipment to make your life easier. Can't say enough good things about this program.
Just to plug the VA, I knew someone who was caring for his father who suffers from Alzhiemer's. The VA built them a metal ramp for their front door.
Thank you, Ramiller! :)

Carefordad, that is great to hear! Generally the VA has been really helpful, but the primary care doc and PA he's seen just don’t seem very familiar with treating the frail elderly. We are thinking that the Home Based Care team might be more experienced with the needs of geriatric patients.

Michael, you are so right! The VA has been a huge help to us, and have provided grandpa with a motorized wheel chair, weekly hours of home health care (through A&A), and really nice hearing aides. We did not know how much they could offer older vets till people caring for their veteran dads told us about some of the programs available. (The hearing aides are the first he has been able to use successfully in decades. He never could have afforded something like the VA set on his own. That alone has made a huge difference!)
Lindylu, I was talking about the home based team. They are geriatric doctors and can provide great care. They will also supply equipment, diapers, wipes, gloves, and ensure. Takes a little to get the ball rolling, but once you do, they will support you.
Hope this is helpful.
make really sure about the distance, however; I've been having a really hard time with them trying to determine if we're too close or too far, if you have to be within a certain distance or far enough away - either way, we're right on the line, so having a hard time
Debdaughter, thanks for the tip. I hope they approve your family soon!

Carefordad, thank you! That is very helpful! Hearing about your experiences with it is very encouraging and we are excited about the program.
you do know you have to be approved by your primary you're seeing now, don't you?

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