My father is having trouble getting VA benefits. We seem to get the run around with them. My parents have a house and even though they don't own their house my father and mother get social security benefits and that seems to be an issue. Can anyone give me some advice on how to get the benefits? My father is 90 with many serious health issues. They don't have a lot of savings and really need to be in assisted living which they or I can't afford.

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Provided your father meets service and medical requirements there should be no issue in receiving assistance.

Read the articles here:

And then call your local Area Agency on Aging or your state or county Veteran Affairs office to find a County Veteran Service Officer (CVSO) to help you.

One issue you may run up against is the Catch-22 whereby in order to get benefits the veteran has to incur expenses yet the veteran does not have the funds to expend.

In other words, in order to receive an Aid and Attendance Improved Pension for assisted living, dad would have to show evidence that he is going to incur expenses for assisted living. If he can't afford assisted living, how will he show the VA that he has such expenses?

The key to solving this problem is knowing that the VA application for non-service connected pension is based on prospective expenses going forward, not perspective expenses looking backward.

I have had success getting awards where the veteran shows as evidence of expenses a contract with an assisted living facility indicating that the contract, and therefore expenses, will be incurred commencing the month after application (which is when benefits would start if an award is granted). This may be the key to getting him what he needs.

Make sure you speak of this idea to anyone who you find to help you.
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