My father was diagnosed with vascular dementia about a year ago. We had suspected something long before the diagnosis. He also has a host of other ailments as long as my arm! You can read them in previous posts.
If your parent or loved one has this diagnosis, at what point or did they ever hear voices awaking them from their sleep. By the way, it's always the same women's voice over and over again. He has not heard the voice while awake.

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It's possible that your dad has more than one type of dementia. My dad had a voice in his head after his surgery, but that voice was male. Voices are less likely a part of vascular dementia than other types. It would be educational to speak with the doctor about this whether or not anything can be done to help him, especially if this voice upsets him.
It was terribly upsetting when Dad heard "Herman" (that's the name we called the voice) because the voice held such authority. I hope they can help your dad.
Take care,
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Than you for answering my question. I actually spoke with his PCM 2 weeks ago. She told me that she had discussed the case with a neuro psychologist that she knows very well (without a name of course) and he mentioned Levybody dementia. After researching the criteria for it, he does match the symptoms. I too am beginning to believe has a case of mixed dementia. The MID was confirmed via a CT. He can't have an MRI due to his pacemaker.
The voices do scare him, but his beliefs are quite different. He won't tell me about his past, but he has a "fire and brimstone" faith. He told me if the Devil wanted him, there was no place he could hide.
I just never know what I'm going to get each morning when I hear his feet hit the floor.
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