Has anyone dealt with vaginal bleeding with someone who had a full hysterectomy years and years ago?

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Has anyone delt with vaginal bleeding with someone who had a full hystererctomy years and years ago? My 90 year old mom with dementia has had some light vaginal bleeding of and on for the past few months. A few nights ago she had some heavier bleeding with blood clots and was sent to the ER by the CNA at the ALF where she lives. She didn't want to go to the hospital and she was very confused and upset by the wholde incident. The ER doctor said the only way to find out what's causing it of course is to do further testing, which at that point my mom was not up for. We didn't want to put someone in her state of mind through anything like that. She's on Hospice care and we would not do any type of treatment at this point anyway. We arej ust letting nature take its course. I'm just curious if anyone has any experience with this. Thank you.

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Sorry, no; but no-one's answered this question - Hello? Where is everybody?! Doesn't anybody know? - and I don't want you to feel like we're not listening.

So just to say I'm glad that you and your mother's carers aren't pushing for investigations, clearly the right approach, well done to all. I hope things go gently for your mother xxx
No, but my mom speaks of getting her period, but I haven't seen anything in her underwear. Please let us know.
I have never heard of this either, so sorry but agree with you,let the doctors keep her comfortable and out of pain, many prayers
I'm concerned that bleeding this long after a hysterectomy may be signs of something going on. Hate to even think this way but an exam may be in order to rule out any type of abuse going on. Small tears in delicate tissue could cause bleeding, not necessarily sexual abuse but just overaggressive cleaning by staff. Gently talk to her to see what she may say but an exam should be done, esp if she is passing blood clots.
sohillsgal, she said her mother was on hospice so i wouldn't think anything like that would happen
My MIL had the same thing happen & it was cancer. Given her age, I agree with her carers, further investigatoin would just lead to a diagnosis and believe agressive treatment is not warranted and hospice would be more appropriate.
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Thanks everyone for your replies. She's had some light bleeding off and on for the past several months. They weren't sure if it was vaginal or rectal. She does have hemroids, and it appeared they could be causing it. The aid that discovred it and called 911 was a male, and the Hospice nurse thinks he over reacted a bit. She said it was more like bleeding would be from a normal period, not quite like the aid was describing. He really wasn't supposed to call 911, but Hospice first so they could send a nurse out. I think he just got scared. Anyway, as I said before, in her condition we will not do any testing at this time since it seems to have cleared up for now. If it gets bad we may, just so we know what we're dealing will. Nurse says even though she's had a hysterectomy it could be caused by something hormonal. I'm 99% sure no abuse of any type going on. If I asked her it would be very hard for her to articulate any information. Thanks again and if anything else happens I'll be back.
Oh boy. Yes mom went through this and we could not figure it out for months and one day a younger dr. said it's bladder cancer and he was right. Mom had about five tumors in her bladder. We did treatment which almost killed her and it's gone but if it comes back we are not going to treat again because it's too hard on her at this point age 83. I wish you all the best and God bless you.
Thank you burntout. I wonder about that too. Also, she's had a chronic UTI for many, many months that we no longer treat because it no longer helps, so I even wonder if it's something with the kidneys. I don't know if that would just be blood in the urine though, and not blood clots. At this point we are just trying to let nature take its' course.
I hear ya on letting nature take it's course. Oh I remember the UTI'S would make mom nutso. Just know your doing your best for her and be at peace with that. It's tough helping our ageing parents go though this process. Hang in there my friend :)

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