Vaginal bleeding after urinating.

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Ahmijoy is correct. Please have her be seen by her providers ASAP (not an emergency room as that could be way too much for her to cope with -being strangers and her dignity). It’s abnormal and could signify many medical conditions.

However, if you should note bright red blood or any discharge that suggests she is internally bleeding get her to the ER ASAP. Let them test her to be on the safe side.
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Remember that most of us are not medical professionals here, and even if we were, we should not be giving out medical advice. Anytime there is blood coming from anywhere it’s not supposed to, you need to call the doctor, especially after surgery in an elderly person. There could be any reasons for it, but you need to check with the doctor.
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If this isn't too personal a question, are you quite sure of where the blood is coming from? Vagina or urethra?

When was the hysterectomy?

In any case, it can do no harm to pop along to your pharmacist and get a urine testing kit which will tell you if there is a urinary tract infection.

But if there is a lot of blood, or you are certain it is vaginal bleeding, or if the operation was recent, or if there are other clinical signs of infection such as a high temperature, feeling ill - basically, if you are in any doubt: seek medical attention as soon as possible.
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