Hi all. Have a question about the NA and nursing homes. I know how it works for war time veterans because my dad is a Vietnam veteran. But this is about my father-in-law. He served in the army but is NOT a war/war time veteran. He does receive some health care through the VA but I think they aren’t paying for everything because he is also on Medi-Cal.

I am wondering if anyone knows for sure, does the VA ever help cover nursing home costs for non-wartime veterans? I think my BIL and SIL are expecting the VA to pay everything understanding is different than theirs. He wasn’t injured during his time in the service, he wasn’t enlisted during a war either.

My FIL has only been in this state for 5 months and he was in poor health when he got here and he’s quickly declining. He’s got blood cancer-a year ago they said it was stage 0 and he hasn’t been treated for it. He’s got a lot of pain and they can’t tell him why. He can’t really walk much. He has no teeth and his dentures don’t fit right and I don’t think he has made any attempt to get them fixed. So he’s not eating much. He was hospitalized last week, first they said it was pneumonia and sepsis then they said it was malnourishment.

He was released Sunday, went to the dr yesterday and they called an ambulance because he was lightheaded and he’s now hospitalized again. He was hospitalized a few months ago because his bladder wasn’t emptying completely. Last I heard about that was his prostate was very enlarged. Don’t know if he’s gotten that resolved.

I don’t think my BIL and his wife are able or willing to take care of him. He’s not taking care of himself. They are the ones who moved him out here to help pay their mortgage and because he wanted to be closer to his kids.

I hate to say it but my thought is.....if he can’t or won’t take care of himself and his kids can’t or won’t do it either, he’ll need to look into assisted living or a nursing home. Neither of which he can afford.....and I don’t know if Medi-cal will assist since he has only been here for 4.5 months.

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