Mom's sitting room is now her bedroom. The room in only about 11X14 and has a hospital bed, lift chair, commode, TV and a swival rocker for the caregiver. It is getting really hard to lift her. She can only stand for a minute with max assist. We have to do something soon. I'm worried there isn't enough room for the lift. Any other

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Unless they have improved the Hoyer lift they take up a lot of room and you really need two people to do it and is not easy if the person is heavy, My daughter works in a nursing home and they use something that gets the person to a standing position briefly with two aides doing -you might want to visit N.H.'s to see what they do to get people out of bed.
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My mother required one when she no longer could support herself to transfer from bed to chair to commode. It is a wonderful tool for the caregiver. It will save your back and make transferring much easier. Once we mastered the procedure Mom felt more confident in it. It can also benefit the patient, as there is a lessening in bruising and chance of falling We however found it to be a bit embarrassing when used for transfer to a portable commode. It takes up a bit of room, so you may have to store in in another location. I would definintely consider making a place for it somewhere as it is a very useful tool.
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