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Maybe. Perhaps not. It depends on your total resources.

If husband qualifies for Medicaid, you will have to spend your resources down until the total is under a level set by the state. You can spend the "excess" on home improvements, a new car, a wardrobe update -- just not on gifts to others. If your husband needs to go to a care center immediately then you spend the money paying that, until you are under the limit. Then Medicaid takes over the payments.

I had to spend down a big chunk of my retirement funds (even paying an early-withdrawal penalty.) My husband died four years ago. I sure wish I had that money I had saved up for this time in my life! We applied thinking my husband would need a care center soon. As it turned out, he was able to stay at home for the full duration of his dementia (10 years). Medicaid paid many of the horrendous expenses for home-care. I would be even more impoverished now if we didn't have Medicaid support. I remind myself of that when I'm feeling poor.

So it depends on what other assets you have. Your home and one car are not counted as assets.

Good luck! (BTW, I think the spousal allowance has improved since my day. It depends on what your state has set as the amount the spouse can keep.)
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This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question.
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