As POA, I go to mums 3 times + a wk, 60 miles a time.It takes 3hrs each way on the bus, the car is now no use. our car has had its day and we don't have any money to buy another, if mum offered the money, could I then use it to buy a car. I sort all her money, order things for her , do her shopping, do some housework and gardening as well as checking her medication and putting in a pill box with the days and time so she doesn't forget. I also call her everyday to check she is ok and to check she has taken her tablets. Without me going over regularly she would not cope, but I also cannot spend that amount of time travelling on the bus. hope you can help, regards Ann

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Here's the thing. If you use mom's money to buy yourself a car and mom ends up in a nursing home needing Medicaid, before she'll be approved, they'll want that money made up.

Are there any other children that would get mad that you were spending mom's money that way? Assuming that's not a problem for you, then ask your MOM to buy a car for herself. You use it and pay for insurance, etc. If the same situation came up with Medicaid within five years, they'd order the car sold, but nobody would have to pay the money back.
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