Help! My husband is on oxygen so he can’t smell it, but my entire house reeks of urine. He spilled his urinal and didn’t notice until the next morning. I have bought all of the chemical products on line and even at the pet store. The smell has made it close to impossible for me to eat. He is on a feeding pump so he isn’t bothered by the smells. He wants me to remove the almost new carpet and make do with the concrete foundation. I am so sad. Our house has become a giant sick room. I am his only caregiver. He isn’t good about changing his pull-ups or bathing. I tell him what the doctor said, that to avoid a possibly fatal urinary tract infection he has to change twice a day. He is capable but very stubborn.

Really, the house does not smell like vinegar. My Mom had a BIG accident. I cleaned with Pine Sol and bleach could not get rid of the smell in her area. A friend suggested that I put a bowl of vinegar in the bathroom and leave it for a couple of days. The smell started to leave in the hour. 24 hrs later gone but I left it for a couple of days.

Sorry to say that the urine probably got into the carpet mat. You could tear it up and put linoleum down. Just something cheap that will be easy to clean.
My Dad was a stubborn person. They don't make it easy on the caregiver. He also did what your husband does. I told my husband I would be there to care for him but if he gets stubborn he will go to a home.
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Caregiver108, if hubby insist on removing the carpet, you would need to have someone put a protective coating on the concrete, otherwise the concrete will soak up anything that is accidentally spilled on it, and possibly any odors in the air.

Assistedvillas above had a good idea about trying home remedies. I remember reading the using white vinegar is good for odors. Like simmering the vinegar... the house will smell like a huge salad for awhile. I might give it a try myself for pet odors.
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If the urine is in the carpeting, you might need a carpet cleaning specialist. There are many home remedies online, try those first if you`d rather save on costs.
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