My lady gets 3 home cooked meals each day. She always eats a hearty breakfast but sometimes picks at lunch and/or dinner. She's not at all a picky eater and is open to a wide variety of foods ... she just sometimes won't eat one or both of her other meals. We keep fruit, yogurt, some sweets for snacks and a good variety of juices (including cranberry) and water available in addition to meals consisting of vegetables and meats and serve appropriately small servings. Her general health is good and she takes no daily medications (at age 100!) She's mobile with a walker. She does currently have a UTI and has been given an antibiotic to deal with that. I just wondered in the overall picture if a UTI could affect one's appetite.

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I can only share my experience with my mother. Not wanting to eat is my que that she may have a UTI. They are known to cause confusion, in our case intensifying her dementia problem of not understanding her food is in front of her to be eaten!!
Is this new behavior or has she always had this eating pattern? I would say if it is out of ordinary and/or returns to normal after A/B's then it may be the cause...
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Not so much the UTI, but the antibiotics can really upset their stomach. Keep an eye on her weight daily. If she loses more than 2 lb in a day, call the MD. If you see a steady downward trend, call the MD.
100 years old and no meds WOW, you are doing a great job.
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