Anyone have suggestions for keeping the bed dry? My father in law has dementia and has recently started having issues with incontinence. He wears a diaper already but it leaks through at night. I’ve tried looking for pads to place on the bed on Amazon but many washable pad reviews state after a while they leak, or are not large enough for adult size accidents. Anyone have any suggestions on the best products to use or tips to keep the bed dry?

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I recommend you don't use feminine hygiene products, the "guards" for men (and pads for women) are designed to hold much higher levels of moisture than any menstrual pad. Be aware that they are designed with a leak proof backing so using either one as a booster insert means that the overflow can not soak down to the outer brief or pull up unless you slash the outer shell. It is probably better to buy products designed as booster pads or to experiment with higher absorbency brands such as prevail, tranquility, attends,
The cheap mattress covers work but if you have the money the more expensive ones will be more comfortable, they are also machine washable and won't split or tear like vinyl ones.
I never had any problems with the size of the washable mattress pads that were available at local drug stores, although I suppose it makes a difference if someone is a restless sleeper (my mom was not).
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Be sure to never use fabric softener when you wash the chux, it actually stops clothes from being as absorbent as they can be.

Use a cup of vinegar in the rinse cycle, it helps destroy odor, ensures all the soap is rinsed and cuts down static. Be sure to not over dry.
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Thank you so much, everyone. These are all great suggestions. Off to the store I go... :)
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*Buy a plastic waterproof mattress cover. ($6.00 for a double bed size at Wal-Mart). You will need someone to help you put it on the mattress, unless you are really strong.
*Put flat, "super absorbent" feminine hygiene pads inside the diaper near his "man part". (They have sticky strips on the back to keep them in place) to absorb more.
*Put a Chux (a plastic backed absorbent pad) under him to catch the drips. You can also buy washable pads that can hold a lot of fluid. They do "fall apart" after many washings.
*Give the majority of liquids in the morning and early afternoon. Hold fluids after 6 pm and have him urinate right before going to bed.
*You may have to wake him up once a night to go to the bathroom and urinate.
*There are condom catheters (a condom that is attached to a tube that drains into a bag) IF he will leave it on during the night.

Good luck. I was paranoid when my mom was incontinent because you can't really clean a mattress. Pad it as best you can.
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I feel for you - I have the same problem with my Mother. You need to buy a plastic mattress cover ASAP (for under the fitted sheet). You also need large (the bigger the better) disposable pads for on top of the sheet. You can find them next to Depends, etc. in most stores.
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Put a pad inside of his disposable underwear. Oversized disposable Chux pads and a moisture proof mattress cover.
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