My grandma lost her husband around 3 years ago. Even before he died my aunt and her daughter made themselves at home and have been sleeping upstairs. 3 years on they are still in the house, they don’t pay bills and they actually have their own house. My grandma is 90 and she would like them to leave. They ask to “lend” money (usually around £100 every couple of weeks), the aunt's daughter has drug issues and is very angry/aggressive. How do we help my grandma to get the unwanted guests out of her house? She has asked them to leave but they have refused and they keep coming back. If you can help I’d really appreciate it. Thank you

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Good point and insight from each of you.

InteriorDesign, one way you can help is to stand by your grandmother and give her both the emotional and legal support (via the police) that she'll need. It's possible that when eviction proceedings start, she may feel guilty, if not afraid. Be there for her.
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Just a thought: I'm not sure how far you can take this without your grandma's direct involvement. It's her house, she may have to be the one who takes steps to evict the aunt and daughter. By all means do whatever you can to assist your grandma but be aware that in the end it will probably have to be your grandma who will need to seek assistance in getting out the aunt and daughter. I'm not sure you can do it for her.
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InteriorDesign, go to your grandmother's local police headquarters and ask to speak to somebody regarding a POVA (Protection of Vulnerable Adults) issue, combined with a misuse of substances issue. The thing is, you want to have a proper sit-down conversation about how to tackle this, not just a quick five minutes with the desk sergeant who probably won't have a clue what to do.

You could also call your grandmother's local Adult Safeguarding team at her Local Authority's social services department.

You can find all the contact details for these people online - if you're having any trouble, send me a private message and let me know if I can help.

Mm. If they're "refusing to leave" how are they also "coming back"?

How old are your aunt and your cousin?
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Call the police. And/or elder abuse. How dare they! With drugs involved she needs the authorities. Don't warn them, just do it while they are sleeping so gram will be safe. Calling in front of Them might set them off.  change the locks if needed and get a restraining order. Best of luck.
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