I was under extreme stress that my sister gave me. I did not have the letter notarized and/or witnessed by anyone when I gave it to the rehab center. A friend of mine told me that in Illinois, it was not a legal revocation due to it not being witnessed, notarized, or on a legal revocation of POA form (which needs to be notarized). My sister was verbally attacking me via text on a constant basis, threatening me with attorneys, felonies (there have been none, but she still threatened.) It was so overwhelming, that I wrote the letter under duress. My sister kept mom hidden from all family and mom's pastor when she got wind of it. Well, I found out where mom was when the sister transferred her to a new rehab after mom's 2nd mini-stroke. They called me for info. My sister never picked up the call or called them with it. I talked to the new rehab that the letter was not legal in IL ... they are bringing it to their law team once I said I will hire an attorney. I "should" have an answer by 5pm...but what other recourse can I take?

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Yes, use an attorney to revoke the POA. If Mom is cognitive she can revolk it and make sister the POA. If not able to make informed decisions, sister will need to get guardianship and that is costly.

The only reason I can see for sisters attitude is she was mad that Mom gave you POA or there is a mentality problem. Ask the Lawyer if there is anything you can do to still be able to see Mom. Because, if sister is in control, she may not allow it.
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Friend is an attorney. Facility is going to have their legal team look at it. It's stated in the letter that I could not handle all her threats, and abusiveness via text. I do have an attorney that I will hire. For some unknown reason, my sister has been like this for the past 10 yrs with me....I keep trying to be reasonable with her (only communicate via text for the past 3 yrs) but she is vicious with words!
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It sounds like your sister needs to be charge with some form of harassment.

I don't quite follow the statement "My sister kept mom hidden from all family and mom's pastor when she got wind of it." Does this mean she hid your mom once she got wind that you had revoked your POA? Why did your sister want you to revoke it. It sounds like she's a real piece of work with all of her threats to get attorneys and charge you with felonies. What kind of felonies was she going to charge you with? Has your sister always tried to boss you around down through the years? It sounds like it is time for you to take a stand and tell your sister "damn our torpedoes, you can't bully me anymore."
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Do you actually have an attorney on board now? If not, get one ASAP. Legal advice from friends often bears no weight unless they are attorneys themselves. If it’s feasible, block your sister on your phone. Deal with the facility and your attorney and not your sister.
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