My uncle has been living in a home for veterans for decades. He now needs the next level, which is long-term care. The facility is obviously expensive and they want me to apply for medicaid for him. They are asking me because I am his fiduciary and rep payee with the VA and Department of Social Security. Those are his only sources of income.

In order to do this, we would have to spend-down his assets. After room and board, what I've been sending him he has been putting into a bank account. I have no access to this account and he decided during the War that he would never sign a paper for any reason. His VA case worker suggested I seek legal advice since he said becoming a "guardian" due to his inability to make sound decisions is expensive and requires periodic accounting and reporting on my part. The nursing home would already be doing since he is in their care. He said there may be a way to access the account to spend-down without requiring the time and expense of guardianship.

Is there a way?

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