My Uncle has been in a Florida Nursing home for 7 months. The cost of Nursing home is $10,500.00 monthly. His only income is Social Security $1317.00, and $1,187.00 is auto paid to Nursing home. The Condo which is empty is worth maybe 100,000.00 and the mortgage on it is 34,000.00.

Since my Uncle has no other assets, I have been paying the utilities, the mortgage and his credit cards because I am his POA and his beneficiary in the Will. The concern is that Medicaid will recoup their cost after his passing from his Condo and the Will deemed useless. If this is the case, covering any of the costs of the Condo would be a waste of my personal money which I have little.

Another mention I am in Las Vegas, NV and my Uncle is in Florida. What should I do? Thank you for your help.

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It will suspend until the money is spent down again. Sell the condo and use it for his care.

Talk to his Medicaid social worker and find out exactly how it works.

You will not be getting an inheritance, so stop spending money you can't afford.

Right now the taxpayers are paying for your uncles care, it is only right that his assets help pay for that care.

Sorry, I'm sure that was the last thing you wanted to hear but at least you can stop the bleed on your money and don't just let the bank take it, then they get profit while taxpayers are left paying his bills.
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You can sell the condo and the proceeds will be used toward his care. After that money is gone he will return to Medicaid. This is still far better than you paying from your own money for the condo expenses (aren’t you risking damages to it with it sitting empty and unattended?) and then having it subject to Medicaid estate recovery upon his death. At least with selling it now you stop the bleed on your own finances trying to maintain the condo
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You aren’t responsible for any of his expenses as POA. You haven’t been using your own money have you? Yes Medicaid is going to try to recoup their costs after he passes so you are correct, it doesn’t make sense to use your money toward his monthly expenses including the mortgage and taxes on the condo.
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anonymous848328 Oct 2018
What I do worry about is if, i stop paying the mortgage how long will the bank wait till they foreclose on the property?
I read that assets sold while he is still in the Nursing Home would be taken by Medicaid and his Medicaid coverage would discontinue. Is this true?
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