2 sibs get 15% each, we get 25% each. Both sibs know have done nothing but are claiming they raised some pigs for profit on the farm or they "checked on Mom & Dad" while my other sis and I lived and worked in Ca. When Dad passed he left Mom helpless really. The wolves swooped in, sis claiming she checked on Mom, she was hitting her up for loans and money as well as her 2 daughters for schools, books, cars even stealing her meds. My other Sis and I came back to straighten things out, create a new safe place for Mom to be and clean up the farm.
It took years! Now as she's getting older they're making accusations, wild claims and false information. We sold some shared farmland and built a garage, storage and safety measures for her and made a lovely home for her. They continued to take advantage until mom struggled getting bills paid and she needed real help. The 08 crash caused both myself and sister to lose our good paying jobs and a changing industry. We went home to help Mom, get the people sucking down everything out and clean up the farm. We sold all the old farm equipment and things that were no longer usable to keep up with all the bills since Mom gets a small amount in SS. I paid for my phone and one utility bill as did my sis. We discussed selling the remaining acreage to reinvest in a property that would pay rent and increased her income and we could run the rental and keep books while she was being taken care of. She needed eye surgery, knee replacements, she was falling a lot and really not eating healthy. We purchased a rental prop. in Sonoma, did a 1031 exchange, now the property values have skyrocketed and is worth nearly double of what we bought it for. The brother is telling Mom she's mentally ill for doing this and the other sis is alcoholic and is with a horrible abusive man. She clearly wants money.
I need advice on what to do! This is awful! Both refuse to give us any credit for all the hard work we do daily just to keep it all going for Mom. Help!

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I would see and elder attorney with Mom.
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