Okay, I am one POA who does all of the financial and the health care. I am the one who got Mom help. Put her into nice health care facility and she is private pay until Medicaid will kick in after her money is exhausted. I am the one to be called if problem at the facility. Other POA has not expressed any interest in helping until all is done now and now she appears to be so concerned and only wants recognition. I do all of mom's taxes, bills etc. How much input does other POA have when she has not bothered before. I am also Mom's executrix of her will once she passes.

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You have to read the POA certificate to see if she checked "each agent may act independently" or "all agents must act together" for the answer.
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You are the durable POA and your sister is medical POA? From what I understand ideally the durable POA pays the bills, manage the money, and do the taxes while the medical POA looks after medical concerns like where the person will be cared for and make medical decisions with the doctor's advice if the parent is not competent.

I find it strange that after all that has been done without her, she now appears concerned and wants recognition. For what does she want recognition?
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