I am very confused about the whole process. I live with my parents but I do not have enough money to afford insurance. I am not able to go to see the doctor to get basic care. My father is well-off and has a big bank account, but he is retired. I would like to be able to apply for medicaid, but I don't think they will allow me because of my father's bank account. Im very confused about this whole thing.

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Owl - Louisiana has a new web-site since LA took Medicaid expansion under ACA. I'm assuming you are wanting health insurance though ACA for yourself and your under 55 and over 21 and not on your parents insurance as a dependent. So your on your own for health insurance coverage.

For LA, it's w w w healthy.louisiana dot gov/
(this site won't let us do web addresses)
the phone is 888-342-6207

For ACA the open enrollment closed 1/31 but you can still enroll with either a penalty OR with a waiver on the penalty IF you are able to show a condition that you found out about since 1/31 (hint hint).

For ACA it's all about your income to qualify and whether you pay the premium or get a co-pay to cover the premium from the expansion. So you need last years taxes or if not done just yet then 2015 and current job stubs. If you are a freelancer, you will likely need a couple of years of individual IRS 1040 taxes (even if its little to no income as you have a Inc or LLC that makes the income and your the owner).

It will be a bit of a butt-rash to get through the process but the state, since Edwards, has been very pro-active in getting folks enrolled on the expansion. There are just a few insurers in the state but don't let that be a deterrent as you might be able to get services through community clinics that take Medicaid. For the community clinics that take uninsured (so you go there to get documentation for a new condition) google the list at "needy meds louisiana" The community clinics will want to see your state DL or ID as your supposed to stay in your parish….  However I know of folks in NOLA who have driven over to the almost spanking new St Bernard Community Health Center on judge perez down in da' parish for services and in addition to being nice & new, it's a Medicaid expansion application (Access Health Louisiana) site as well. & I think they do mental health as well (which only a few do).

Good luck & get on it!.
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If your income is below 150% of the poverty level...then you can qualify

If your parents are claiming you as a dependant, you must be below age 18 or...legally blind, or disabled (as defined by social security)

If you are not a dependant ...then go to the local county social services office and get the application. You qualify
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OwlJulie, you can apply online for Louisiana Medicaid. You need to know if your father is claiming you as a dependent and/or covering you on his health insurance. Go to for more information.
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Medicaid looks only at your income and what assets you own. Give Medicaid a call tomorrow and start the process, you won't know until your try. I hope everything works out for you.
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